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Racecraft designs new “Singapore GP” helmet!

Singaporean racing driver, Yuey Tan will be sporting a new race helmet at the 2013 Singapore F1 GP Weekend.

The new helmet was designed by Racecraft Industries’ Dick Goh, also the man responsible for designing all of the race cars driven by Yuey Tan since 2009, including the famous ‘Changi Airport Race’ GT3 livery. Often seen as the industry standard for other companies to strive to, Racecraft was also responsible for other motorsport related designs including the Clearwater Racing cars such as their Porsche 997 RSR, Ferrari 458 GT3 and the McLaren GT3 over the last few race seasons, and more recently with the Viewqwest Radical in the Malaysian Super Series, and PCCA driver Rodolfo Avila’s new helmet design.

“We’ve been getting our gear designed by Racecraft Industries for five seasons alongside some of Asia’s top teams and drivers,” said Tan. “Dick Goh has been doing a marvelous job and has also evolved his skillets to make him the best in the business. Designing race car livery and helmets are no easy task!”

The latest helmet to be worn by Yuey Tan at the Singapore GP is an Arai GP-6, sporting a modernised version of the Singapore ribbon that has always been featured on the side of Tan’s helmets. Further inspired by the 2013 Singapore GP, there are also many Singaporean words painted in ‘graffiti’ styled font writing including words such as Singapura, ECP, Lah, Toto, Kiasu, the little red dot and many other localized terms or words. It is also the first time that Tan’s helmet displays his name in Chinese characters. The primary colours in Singapore fashion, are red and white.

“What is great about Racecraft is that they never seem to run out of ideas. This is the challenge when designing for the same team year in year out. They never seem to have this problem.”

“It was a very clever design on the helmet. I like it a lot! The helmet looks fantastic!!” continued Tan. “My new lid looks very modern, very cool but it has still managed to retain a lot of what Singapore is with one part of our culture that is in no danger of washing out; that being our combination of languages in one of the worlds most multi-cultural societies.”

This is the 5th helmet that Racecraft Industries has designed for the Singaporean race driver, Yuey Tan. Watch the brand new livery and helmet design take to the Marina Bay Circuit during the Singapore Formula 1 GP Weekend, starting on September 20-23.

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