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Macau GP dream plagued with mechanical problems

Tan’s first visit to the Macau GP was one of some positives but more disappointments at the Invitational round of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.

The Macau GP PCCA round started off well as Tan exited pit lane with Frenchmen, Benjamin Rouget lapping good pace around his first few laps at the Guia Circuit though things didn’t last this way for long as the ever reliable Dorr McElrea Racing car suffering from its first mechanical problem of the season.

“Firstly, let me say that the circuit was simply unbelievable. Things started off well though the throttle system was jammed increasing throttle intermittently. That didn’t work well and I scrapped the wall at Lisboa, causing some minor damage. The car couldn’t go back out again during that session but we managed to get back to the pit lane.” Tan said.

With the majority of the first practice missed, Tan knew that things were not started in the best of ways, missing much of the session on the first visit to the circuit. There were positives that could be taken from the session although only 3 flying laps through the traffic of Macau were done.

Qualifying saw the Singaporean driver come out onto the circuit and from the first lap, started suffering from irregular downshifting in the mechanism. With so little time on the circuit in practice, Tan opted to get a few laps under his belt though the downshift problem continued to persist. On his third flying lap full of traffic, the gearbox jammed in 4th gear as he entered Lisboa, ending his qualifying session prematurely with the car in the wall.

“What can I say? It wasn’t a good day. They say that Macau can bite and it has definitely not been a good weekend performance from myself or the team. I guess that’s racing. One thing is for sure. It won’t be the last time in Macau.”

The Dorr McElrea Racing Team had a long night ahead of them after qualifying, having to repair damage sustained during the afternoon session, as well as changing the gearbox for raceday.

“The team did a great job,” Tan continued. “We managed to start the race back of the grid though we made little progress during the race. It was a bit of a disappointing weekend but still a pleasure to get around the Macau GP for the first time. One thing is for sure, it won’t be my last!”

The Porsche Carrera Cup 2013 has finally come to an end, with Tan on a break till mid January, where pre-season testing will begin with the McElrea Racing Australia crew.

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