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The DORR Group make it a hat-trick!

China based private equity group, the DORR GROUP hits a hat-trick of seasons as they sign with Yuey Tan and the Havelock Racing Team for a third successive season.

The Dorr Group first partnered up with the Singaporean based race squad at the beginning of the 2012 season, making its debut on the car at the Shanghai Formula One round as a support race. With a massive launch party during the same weekend, the Dorr Group have always been the main driving force behind the team and Yuey Tan since that day, and have shown no signs of stopping.

“It’s been a dream to work with Terence and Nelson at the Dorr Group. Their valuable insight into business, activating our partners and sponsors, and just being great blokes to be around has made my job as a racing driver not feel like work at all. I am very pleased to be part of their marketing setup and hope to be for many years to come.”

In the time that the Dorr Group and Yuey Tan have spent in partnership, it was the most successful part of Tan’s career as he notched up 12 podium finishes over the last two seasons, including a race win at the Ordos International Circuit in 2012. Tan also finished runner up of the PCCA category B championship, after a hard battle with Chinese driver Li Chao up until the final race of the season.

“In motorsport, and Im sure all drivers will agree, it really means something to have a stable relationship with sponsors. Over three seasons, this is fantastic and what makes it even easier is how seamless and fun it is to work with the crew at the Dorr Group!” Watch Yuey Tan and the Dorr Havelock Racing Team in what promises to be their best season yet, their first race of the season at the Malaysian Formula One GP.

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