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Tan enjoying writing duties in EVO Singapore

Thirty-two year old Havelock Racing driver, Yuey Tan says he is thoroughly enjoying his time working with EVO Singapore in his first magazine column.

“It has been absolutely fantastic to work with the people at EVO Singapore. They have one of the very best automotive publications in the country which makes it a real pleasure to work with that, and more importantly, they are car people so its definitely up my alley.”

The Singaporean racing driver has just begun to write a column surrounding his experiences in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, starting with the March issue where he spoke about his racing weekend at the opening round of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia while also featuring a one page promotion on Yuey Tan and the Dorr Havelock Racing Team.

“It’s been great to write freely about motorsport. They don’t edit too much in the articles I write and that makes an author pretty happy! I think perhaps the independence of the EVO magazine has made it the fantastic publication it is.”

EVO Singapore is one of Singapore’s few automotive publications that are owned and operated by a company opened for the sole purpose of the EVO Singapore magazine, while others are opened by SPH or other major magazine firms.

Coincidentally, the EVO Singapore magazine is also published with Porsche owners in mind, running a limited edition version of the magazine every month that sees a Porsche model on the cover when delivered to Porsche Singapore clients and owners of the world-renowned German sports car. Tan’s debut column in the March issue, featured the all new Porsche LMP1 project driven by ex-RedBull star, Mark Webber.

Pick up your own copy of the EVO Singapore magazine at all good magazine retail outlets and newsagents to read the very best of what Singapore automotive publications have to offer, or visit for subscription offers to save on an annual subscription fees.

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