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First weekend with Jebsen not according to script

Singaporean driver, Yuey Tan opened his 2015 account with a 2nd place and 4th place in Carrera Cup Asia class B, after taking pole position for both races.

“What is frustrating this weekend is that we had the speed to win both races. It just wasn’t to be and if we didn’t achieve our maximum, that’s not good for us.”

The thirty three year old started off in perfect fashion setting the fastest lap in category during the first Friday practice session, with the pace continuing to Saturday where Tan took both pole positions for the opening rounds in Shanghai.

Race 1 was held on Saturday afternoon, where Tan had a fantastic race with Australian driver, Max Twigg as the two passed each other one after the other, till Twigg came out on top. “More frustration set in during the race due to our car not being quite right for the conditions,” continued Tan. “We were miles ahead at one point but the car lost pace late in the race and I was a sitting duck! Not much I could do but it was a fun race nevertheless.”

In race 2, Tan started once again from pole position with new driver, Andersen Martono making chase in 2nd place which was a great effort considering his entrance recently into the Carrera Cup Asia. However with 10 laps past, Martono senselessly drove up the backside of Tan’s #5 Jebsen car, hitting the car on four separate occasions and smashing the car off the circuit.

“I’ve watched Martono before. He has more experience than that. I’m not sure what he was thinking but to me I was controlling the pace, and I was two laps away from the win. I think he got a little impatient and this was the result. Not a smart move as he received the penalty, and I lost the win. Everybody loses.”

“We were called to the stewards after the race and both of us gave our version of events. I hope the visit to the stewards has taught him that pushing cars to pass them is not the way to get around them!”

Tan currently sits ahead of championship rivals, Vutthikorn Inthraphuvasak, Francis Tjia and Max Twigg with a gap of 24 points, 15 points and 13 points respectively as we head into the next round of the championship.

Keep watching Yuey Tan in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia as we head to Korea on May 15-17.

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