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Yuey Tan: Stand 21 suit could be difference between winning and losing!

Team Jebsen drivers Yuey Tan and Rodolfo Avila sealed a deal that sees local Stand 21 distributor, Garage R supply the team with race suits and nomex products for the 2015 season. Regarded as one of the top manufacturers for race gear in the world, Stand21 launched a new racesuit material in 2014, called the SST 21 Air-S. The material used on the fully FIA approved suit is only three layers thin comprising of one outer layer and two inner layers, and is currently one of the thinnest racesuits available in the world. “Great to have Stand 21 and Garage R with us for the 2015 season. They have been associated with motoring and motorsport for well over a decade and its great to work with partners that know exactly what they are doing.”

The new ST221 Air-S material was specifically designed to be thinner than any other suit that Stand 21 have ever made, allowing the driver to feel cooler and more comfortable in the car while he is driving. As a result, the driver can stay more focused and deliver a better performance behind the wheel of a racing car. “This is definitely a performance upgrade for us!,” continued the Singaporean Jebsen driver Tan. “If things are better for us in the car, we can stay at the maximum for longer and this could be the different between winning and losing. We have used the new Stand 21 suit for four test days and a race weekend and it has really made things a little easier for us in the car.” The SST 21 Air-S suit is a customised suit and will be priced between SGD$3500 and SGD$5000 depending on the suit design, number of logos and type of print that the client chose.

“They are so many different things that can be customised at Stand21. The gloves, the boots, the suit, helmet, just about everything can be done! Stand 21 is arguably the best in the world for race gear and the new SST 21 Air-S is proof of this!” The new lightweight Stand 21 suit is currently used in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia with Yuey Tan, Rodolfo Avila, Nico Menzel and Alif Hamdan. For more information please contact for more information.

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