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Yuey Tan: First time in Japan

This will be the first time that Singaporean race driver, Yuey Tan has raced in Japan when the Carrera Cup Asia heads to Mt Fuji Speedway in just over a week from now.

“It has always been a wish of mine to race in Japan,” said Tan. “It is a beautiful country and I am sure along with the high quality of everything from their food to their technology, the race circuit will be just as fantastic!”

Mt Fuji Speedway is one of Japan’s most significant racing circuits, built in the early 60’s and hosting its first Formula One race in 1976. Rich in history, this 4.5 kilometre circuit has 16 corners and also features one of the longest straights of any race circuit in the world, the front straight being 1.5 kilometres long.

“The circuit looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. It is wide, some parts are very quick and the last complex looks like its going to need a good rhythm through turns ten to sixteen,” described Tan of the race circuit. “Also very hard braking down into turn one so I’m sure there is going to be some overtaking going on! Should be a blast!”

The PCCA race weekend will be somewhat different in schedule to a regular race weekend, with Friday being set out as an open test day for the drivers. Each car will be given a maximum of three sets of tyres which we help teams get used to the circuit, the unofficial practice being of great value to the drivers that have not being to the visually stunning racing circuit.

“The Friday will help Rodolfo and I for sure,” speaking about his Jebsen teammate. “We haven’t been here before though our race engineer Minal has and I am certain he will have a solid test plan for us to try different things with the car and see what will suit us best! Learning the circuit is of top priority, so important in fact that next week a few of the drivers and I have rented road cars to get out onto the circuit to understand the circuit a little better. It’s going to be fun that’s for sure!”

Yuey heads to rounds 6 & 7 of the PCCA currently 3rd in Class B, five points behind the highly experienced Francis Tjia and twenty points behind his good mate Alif Hamdan as they battle it out for another race weekend in Asia’s Premiere motorsport series. Follow him June 6-8 as he tries to make a big mark on his championship hunt.

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