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Yuey Tan: Carrera Cup press days were loads of fun!

Newly signed Team Jebsen driver, Yuey Tan attended the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia press conference and a Team Jebsen team building day earlier in the week, the events taking place in Hong Kong.

“The last few days have been very special for me as I go into my first season with Team Jebsen. It is really the first time I have met up with all of my new team in one venue, along with all of the senior managers of the company so it was really good to get to know everyone!”

April 1st saw the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia press conference take place in the Jebsen Porsche dealer in Hong Kong central, with members of the press from Hong Kong, China and Macau making the trip down for the event. Here, the new 2015 calendar, driver line up and car was presented to them, along with statistics ranging from racing to commercial sides of the 2014 season.

The next day though presented somewhat of a different feeling, with Team Jebsen arranging for the Jebsen boat, a luxury Fairline, to bring members of the press and the team out to Lamma Island passing the scenic views of Hong Kong Central and Kowloon and then doing a two team treasure hunt event. One team was led by Rodolfo Avila, and the other by Yuey Tan. The two teams took part in various challenges that promoted team work as well as working together with your teammates to try and get victory with points for challenges and overall speed.

After a gruelling afternoon, the Avila team came up on top but just for that day, it really wasn’t about winning or losing but how you played the game. pccapress03 “The team did a great job with all of the great people we hung out with on that day!” commented Tan. “It was something completely different to your average press conference and it allowed us all to get to know each other better. I’d be keen to do that again!”

Watch Yuey Tan and his Team Jebsen #5 contender as the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia kicks off this weekend on Apr 10-12 at the Shanghai Formula 1 GP Weekend.

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