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Singapore’s leading Craft brewery, Brewlander, has signed with veteran racing driver Yuey Tan as partners for the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix.

“It is with great national pride, that we are partnering up with our mate Yuey for a second time, first partnering up with him in 2017 when he was at Team Jebsen. For 2022, with a local primary sponsor in SLK Logistics, it is an all-Singaporean affair and one that we are proud to be part of,” said John Wei, Brewlander’s founder.

Yuey Tan with Brewlander founder, John Wei

Born out of John’s passion for homebrewing and a mission to challenge the status quo of Asia’s beer scene, Brewlander first started in 2016 as a gypsy brewery and has today grown into a fully automated state-of-the-art brewery located back home in Singapore.

Since abandoning his day job for Brewlander, John has never looked back. Instead, with Brewlander, continuously paved the way for the local craft beer community by lending support and putting Singapore on the world beer map with its award-winning brews.

Offering a curated selection of beer styles with a cheeky personality, look forward to an exclusive seasonal range that rotates monthly, as well as the signature core range with invigorating picks such as the refreshing Freedom Lager, perfect for Singapore’s heat; or the flagship Love Wild IPA fermented with wild yeast, a tropical and well-balanced pour bursting with notes of tropical fruit aromas, which you’ll fall in love with on your first sip.

For the month of September, Brewlander will be releasing I’ll Be Black, Schwarz Lager as a seasonal dark lager that ties into the festivities of both Oktoberfest and F1, while October will see a Blueberry Lemon Marshmallow sour that promises both sweet and tart notes in one sip.

In addition, look out for the limited-edition September Craft Beer Box made up of 3 each of Inception IPA 6%, Three Way IPA 6%, a collaboration brew with SAMATA and The Brewing Project in Thailand, Face 2 Face IPA 7.1%, another collab brew with Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. in Australia and finally our Courage DIPA 8.2%, that is definitely not for the weak. Coming in at an attractive price tag of $75, perfect for elevating your at-home experience.

“It has been a real treat to partner up with John and Brewlander for a second time at the Singapore Grand Prix. It is clear that both he and I do what we do out of pure passion and to exhibit our passions on the global motorsport stage, has been absolutely fantastic!” commented Tan.

“Perhaps it is a coincidence, though John absolutely has a huge love for Porsche 911’s and for me growing up in Australia in my earlier years, have a huge love for beer!”

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