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Tan heads to Inner Mongolia for Porsche Snow Force

Singaporean driver, Yuey Tan has been invited by Porsche China to participate in the Porsche Snow Force China experience on February 24th to 27th.

Six of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia drivers have been invited to join in the ice cold action in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia for a rare experience piloting Porsche road production cars through extremely challenging conditions.

The PCCA drivers that will be participating include Yuey Tan, Earl Bamber, Rodolfo Avila, Martin Ragginger & Li Chao, drivers that finished in the top 3 of each PCCA category during the 2013 season.

"Thank you very much to Porsche China for this opportunity to drive in the snow. I must admit that I have not had the chance to do snow driving before during my racing career so doing this while being sponsored by Porsche on this programme is a dream come true. The guys that work at the Snow Force were guys who we worked with as instructors for Porsche Fascination China 2013, so we know them and they are a great bunch of people. Thank you also to Oliver Schwab and Arnd Stollman for making this happen. Its going to be memorable this is for sure!”

Tan will be departing Singapore on February 22nd, where he will travel to Beijing, and then take a flight to Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia.

“It’s in the middle of nowhere which is kind of the appeal,” continued Tan. “Doing some mega speed on snow fields is my idea of fun! Even better is to do it with your mates which is happening so its going to be pretty cool! Or rather, pretty darn cold!” Follow Yuey Tan on his trip to Porsche Snow Force on and

Porsche Snow Force China Cool under pressure. Pushing Porsche Intelligent Performance to the extreme. Porsche Snow Force is perhaps the ultimate test of one’s driving abilities. Testing a sportscar in frozen conditions, including deep snow and sheets of ice, is guaranteed to challenge every skill you possess, but add the fact that you will be driving a Porsche, and your pulse rate will be through the roof. There is no substitute for driving a Porsche, but when you feel the thrill of driving around Yakeshi in enchanting Inner Mongolia, you are destined for a truly unforgettable experience.

Porsche Snow Force takes part over two days, with 10 hours each day entirely devoted to every aspect of driving the world’s best sportscar in snow and ice. You can choose from the whole range of Porsche models to feel how each vehicle handles differently in the coldest conditions. The secret of Snow Force is adapting your existing techniques to driving in some of the toughest winter conditions on the planet. Traction is minimal, and you will quickly realise that full throttle gives way to smooth acceleration and control, without losing any of the high-octane euphoria of driving a sportscar.

Our fully qualified instructors will explain how driving in extreme cold conditions in a Porsche is less of an obstacle and more of a challenge to be relished. Thanks to the ingenious Porsche Stability Management (PSM) system, you can apply maximum brake pressure when you need it most. Driving on a frozen lake couldn’t be more delightful, as PSM allows you to indulge in the art of drifting whilst remaining in full control of your Porsche. But the intensity offered by Porsche Snow Force doesn’t stop there. You can learn to accelerate, spin and even perform figure-of-eight in the world’s best sportscar amidst some of the most unforgiving terrain in northern China. If competition is more your style, then challenge a fellow Porsche driver and attempt the “Fox Hunt”, a grueling slalom race where skill, vision, control and focus all come to the fore.

There really is no more satisfying extreme driving experience.

Schedule in 2014 Wave 1 February 20-23 Wave 2 February 22-25 Wave 3 February 24-27 (Media) Wave 4 February 26 – March 1 (Media) Wave 5 March 01-04 Wave 6 March 03-06 Wave 7 March 05-08 Wave 8 March 07-10 Wave 9 March 09-12 Wave 10 March 11-14 Price including tax: 39,000 RMB

If you wish to participate in this event, please contact your Porsche Centre.

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