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The Car

SingaporeGP2022 (28).jpeg
The SLK Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R​​
SepangTesting2022 (17).jpeg
Technical Specs

  • Engine Mounts

    • Water-cooled flat-six engine in the rear

  • Power Output​

    • max. 550hp depending on the FIA BoP (restrictor)

  • Transmission

    • Porsche six-speed constant-mesh gearbox (sequential)

  • Braking system

    • six-piston aluminum monobloc racing brake calipers in front, four piston units in rear

  • Steering

    • Double wishbone front suspension, multi-link axle in rear, adjustable motorsport vibration dampers, heavy anti-roll bar​

  • Safety

    • welded roll cage, FT3 safety fuel cell, fire-extinguishing system

SingaporeGP2022 (67).jpeg
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