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SAPPHIRE WINDOWS to make Singapore GP Debut

Sapphire Windows, a Singaporean leading window and door specialist, renowned for its quality and workmanship that was founded in 1989 has sealed a deal that will see them in Grand Prix Racing for the first time in the history of its company!

Local Singaporean company and Singaporean racing driver, Yuey Tan penned a recent deal with Sapphire as he takes to his 13th Singapore Grand Prix in 2023.

Sean Liew and Sapphire Windows make their debut at the Singapore GP this month

Sean Liew, General Manager and the second generation successor to Sapphire Windows had recently agreed to support Tan’s team triathlon exploits at the PTO Asian Open just last month, where Tan and his team took victory! While they worked on this successful project together, talk started about joining forces at the Grand Prix in 2023 where they found many marketing messages was aligned between both companies.

Liew had this to say:

‘Sapphire Windows is extremely excited to be partnering up with JTR for the Singapore GP. In motor racing, performance and precision are paramount in ensuring success. At Sapphire Windows, we share similar philosophies where those key elements are the differentiating factors when it comes to our windows. Producing one of the best performing windows in all aspects such as security, insulation and aesthetics require dedication from a driven workforce, and we always aim to outperform ourselves and others in the industry, just like JTR aims to do on the race track.’

Singaporean race driver, Yuey Tan was also equally impressed with the nature of the partnership.

‘I really like where Sean is coming from on this. He spoke about marketing messages that aligned between quality and performance, which is something I firmly believe it! We pay great attention to detail and are always looking to better ourselves both inside and outside of the racing car! Its also amazing that Singaporeans work with Singaporeans at the Singapore Grand Prix. It doesn’t get any more Singaporean than that!!’

Follow Yuey Tan, Brewlander, and the JEDREK TAN Racing Team at the Singapore Grand Prix Sep 15-17.

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