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Tan tests Formula with ART Motorsports

Last week, race driver Yuey Tan took part in a two-day test conducted by ART Motorsports, in the Formula Renault at the Zhuhai International Circuit.

“It was absolutely fantastic to have the opportunity to do some work with the single seater again,” said Tan. “The guys at ART are always saying that getting more miles in the single seater helps everything else that you drive and for sure I agree!”

ART Motorsports, based in Zhuhai, China have been in the business of running single seaters for over a decade, as they celebrated their 10th year anniversary in 2013. During this time, the China-based race team has won numerous races using cars such as the Formula Renault and Formula Abarth, also running Japanese Formula One driver, Kamui Kobayashi during his junior years.

Yuey took part in a two-day test that included three hours of running time, driving in ever-changing conditions that included some dry running, intermediate conditions and a heavy downpour of rain as well. During the test, motorsport and fitness personality Claire Jedrek and Tan’s PCCA racing engineer were also behind the wheel of their own Formula Renaults out on circuit with Tan.

“It was pretty good for the conditions to change around us a little bit. Got to try the car from wet to dry, and in between! Was good fun. In the dry, the single seater can brake a lot later than the Porsche due to its size, weight and downforce. Pretty cool stuff! The Formula car can also carry a lot of speed through the corners for those same reasons.”

“It was nice to see Claire out there driving as well. At the end of the second day, she was doing some pretty good laps and for sure next time she drives in the Malaysian Super Series, things will be better than before! Minal was also pretty handy behind the wheel.”

The clouds in the sky were on the move all day over the Zhuhai International Circuit. While day one forecasted some serious rain, only the morning was lost due to floods from the day before. Day two was supposed to be dry but it rained in the first session of the day, suddenly pouring while Tan was running out on slicks. The rain came suddenly while Tan was on a flying lap.

“When it rained, it poured. Did an extra lap in the wet with the slicks at snail’s pace. Could barely keep the car on the circuit but we made it back to the pit. It was also nice for Claire as she got to experience many different conditions.”

Tan believes that the extra time in the single seater can only be good for just about any category that a driver would be competing in, due to its braking characteristics, a lack of ABS and aerodynamic downforce to let it corner at fast speeds.

“It was a good two days. It’s been just over a year since I drove a single seater so it’s nice to be back in the big go-kart on steroids! The car handling is awesome and the braking is very efficient. A fun car for sure.” For more information on how to drive the Formula experience of a lifetime, email for details.

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